Jo Hutton
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...mysteries are the impersonal, unintended, psychoacoustic by-products of the intended purpose. (Schwartz and Childs, 1998)


Loughborough Junction, Film by Simon Ball, Sound design and music by Jo Hutton. Still Moving Film Festival, September 2014, Around Sound | London | Jun 2014, Still Moving Festival, London Sept 2014, Exploding Cinema Disposable Film Festival | London | Sept 2014 

Grosvenor Terrace, Film by Simon Ball, Sound design and music by Jo Hutton. Underwire Film Festival, 2014. Underwire Film Festival | London | 2013, Open City Docs Festival, MyStreet Films, UCL, London Jun 2014, and Mystreet Prague, Prague, Aug 2014. 

Francisco de Miranda House, Venezuelan Embassy, 58 Grafton Way, London W1. Sound design for house museum. January 2014.  

No.1 Royal Crescent, Bath. Georgian House Museum. Sound Installation and composition for short film and app, 'Voices from the Crescent.' July 2013 

Museum of London: Charles Dickens Bicentenary Exhibition Nov 2011 to June 2012 Sound Installation and original music. 

Resurgence / Ecologist Magazine Promotional film 'Resurgence Story' Sound and original music. 

John Cage On-line memorial Project: "On Dungeness Beach" Oct 2012 (number 17)

Tower Bridge Museum, Southwark Arts Forum: "1200 Tonnes," A film by Simona Piantieri, Sound Design Jo Hutton April - June 2011 

Isle of Sheppey. "Here I Am": A film by Simona Piantieri, with community workshops. Sound and music Jo Hutton 2012 

"McQueen and I": Channel 4OD. Music by Mesh (Jo Hutton and Roy Dodds) 2011 

Ear to the Earth Festival, Electronic Music Foundation: Beagle Cave soundscape 2010 

Kyakyakahoon Sonic Art Festival, Milan, Italy: Beagle Cave soundscape. 2010 

Old Operating theatre Museum, Thackray Museum, Leeds: "The Journey of Blood" A film by Simona Piantieri, Sound and music by Jo Hutton. 2010 

Hebden Bridge Sonic Arts Festival: Altered Brakes, 2009 


Music to Watch Cranes By: by Mesh (Jo Hutton and Roy Dodds) Eynham Records 2010

Yes, and ...? By Maesh (Jo Hutton and Roy Dodds) Eynham Records 2013.


The Science Museum, History of British Electronic Music. Sept 2012

The Wire Salon Café Oto: Daphne Oram April 2011

Wee Have Only Sound Houses, BBC Radio 3 Sunday Feature 2009

The London Purcell Room: Daphne Oram Symposium June 2008


Daphne Oram, Pioneer: Organised Sound, Sept 1994 CUP

Delia Derbyshire: Grove Music Encyclopoedia Online 2010

Daphne Oram, "Oramics" CD sleeve notes. 2009

Radiophonic Ladies, Diffusion, Sonic Arts Network, 2003